Why Does Water Truck Still Work on Rainy Days?

Water trucks are used for road cleaning, dust failing, dust failing, air cleaning. They are usually used in our life, but water trucks still work on raining days or after raining, this article will tell theRead More

Anti-lock Braking System Ensures Your Safety

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How to Choose Cement Truck?

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Do You Know the Dimensions of Concrete Truck?

DELI will try its best to provide you the best concrete trucks, and also manufactures vehicles according to your order.Read More

Concrete truck - How Much Capacity Do You Need?

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Tanker Truck- Liquid Surge Reduction and Driving Tips

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More Special Vehicles are Needed in Africa

More special vehicles are needed with its development of industries and economy. Developing Africa market is full of opportunities and challenges, and brands such as DeLi owning high cost performance.Read More

Agitation unit and actuating device of cement truck.

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How Much Do You Know About Refrigerated Truck? Developing Process, Components,Maintenance?

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Three Aspects Contribute to Good Trailer Design :Stability, Trailer Strength, Versatility

When we mention good truck trailer design, there are generally three aspects taking into consideration: stability, strength,versatility.It is useful for help you recognize utility trailers.Read More

Gooseneck – a Kind of Stable Truck Trailers with Easier Maneuverability

Gooseneck trailer has a wide range of freights, it can be used to the transportation all kinds of mechanical equipments.Read More

President of Beijing Education Foundation Visits Anyang DELI Special Vehicle Company

President of Tao Xing Zhi Education Foundation visits Anyang DELI Special Vehicle, and highly praises trucks that DELI company develop and produce. Read More


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