Do You Know the Dimensions of Concrete Truck?

Capacity of concrete truck

Concrete mixing truck is a kind of indispensable transporting vehicle in the construction of road, bridge, house building and water conservancy project. And the dimensions vary from small concrete mixing truck to large capacity cement truck. Concrete mixer trucks can be grouped into a large number of types, sizes and configurations used for different purposes. The larger capacity of the cement truck, the greater dimension of the concrete truck. DELI company devotes itself to the manufacture of cement trucks, especially in the production of concrete mixing plants. DELI is trying its best to serve the customers with high quality concrete mixing truck for sale and reasonable price. We have the following dimension concrete mixing trucks.
concrete truck dimension
Width: 2.27/ 2.30/ 2.38/ 2.48/ 2.49/ 2.50 meters width
Length: 6.67/ 6.83/ 6.05/ 7.13/ 8.70/ 9.64/ 9.80/ 10.35 meters 
Height: 3.38/ 3.45/ 3.60/ 3.76/ 3.90/ 3.99/ 3.98 meters height
capacity: 3/4/5/6/8/10/12/14 cubic meters
Total Weight: 13,6T/ 15.8T/ 13.5T/ 16T/ 24.5T/ 25T 

How does the cement truck work?

  1. Mixing system is composed of electrical motor, mixing drum, exposed gear and reducer. There is a loading chute at the top of the mixing drum, through which the concrete cement, sand can funneled into the drum. And below the drum, there is a long chute used for changing the angle of the drum. Inside the mixing drum welded two horizontal mixing shafts, and the blades are fixed at the mixing shafts. 
  2. The concrete or the ingredients are brought into the drum through the upper chute, and the drum keeps rotating during the whole process of loading and transporting. While arriving at the building site, the blade will rotates reversely to push the concrete out. 
  3. Water must be flushed into the concrete drum to clean the inside wall and the blades. Otherwise the residual concrete may harden inside the mixing barrel. And the mixing drum must be cleaned thoroughly for the next using. 

Key benefits:

  • Compared with conventional mixer, DELI concrete mixer is cost saving owning to the increased durability.
  • Strong mixing ability of two shafts of concrete mixer truck improves the working efficiency. 
  • The mixing drum is equipped with special use motor lubricating pump, which greatly shorten the time of discharging the concrete. 
  • The two shaft mixer is easy to install, owning the features of high efficiency, better mixing, no leakage problem, etc.
DELI has passed 3C and ISO9001:2008, having 30 years experience, our company has 156 employees and owns four complete production lines of special purpose semi trailers. DELI pays high attention to the partnership with Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Universities. It has imported and trained nearly 45 technological talents, including 16 senior technical staff. With first class product equipment, inspecting and complete quality management systems, DELI becomes a leader in the industry.


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