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Dump truck is the vehicle used for loading the freight by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also called tipper truck, it can transport sand, gravel, or dirt, dump truck always operate with excavator, loader and belt conveyor to form the product line of Loading, transporting and unloading. Dump truck can be classified into coal transporting tipper, mining dump truck and engineering machinery dump truck. DELI dump truck use high strength steel and enjoy good reputation both in home and abroad.


TOP Features

  • 1.The dump truck is with reasonable structure with reliable performance which not only improves the working efficiency, but also lowers the maintenance cost.
  • 2.The whole frame adopts T700 high strength steel and the loading capacity of 19.5 cubic. Ultra-lightweight design of the vehicle makes larger loading of freight.
  • 3.Lever fabrication lifting mechanism makes the lifting flexibly and shortens the operation distance.
  • 4.The dump truck side boards are punch-formed at one time, otherwise the strength is 3.2 times of ordinary tipper truck.
  • 5.Improve the loading efficiency and decrease labor cost, it is time-saving and cost saving.


Specification Sheet for Dump Truck

model axle loading weight dimension bed dimension wheel tract wheel base gross weight kerb weight suppension tire
AYDL9190 2 15000 10000×2500×3150 9800×2350×600 1840/1840 5890+1310 19000 4000 -/2000 9.00R20 10PR
9R22.5 12PR
AYDL9280 3 22000
13000, 12500×2495
×3150, 3000
2245×600, 550, 500
28000 6000
10.00-20 14PR,10.00R20 12PR
11.00-20 12PR, 11R22.5 12 PR
AYDL9310 3 24100 13000×2495×3150 12800×2285×600 1840/1840/1840 6860+1310+1310 31000 7000 -/2420 11R22.5 12PR
AYDL9340 3 27000 13000, 12500×2495
×3150, 3000
12800, 12300×2285
×600, 500
10.00-20 14PR, 10.00R2012PR
11.00-20 12PR, 11R22.5 12PR
AYDL9390 3 30800
13000×2500×3000 12760×2270×600 1840/1840/1840 1950+1320+1320 38800
8000 -/2010 10.00-20 14PR, 10.00R2012PR
11.00-20 12PR,12PR22.512PR
11.00R 12PR
AYDL9400 3 32500 13000×2495×3150 12800×2285×600 1840/1840/1840 6860+1310+1310 40000 7500 -/2420 11.00R20 12PR
12R22.5 12PR
AYDL9401 3 34000 13000×2495×3150 12800×2285×600 1840/1840/1840 6860+1310+1310 40000 6000 -/2220 11.00R20 12PR
12R22.5 12PR
AYDL9402 3 32700 13000×2500×3150 12850×2290×600 1840/1840/1840 6860+1310+1310 40000 7300 -/2220 11.00R20 12PR
12R22.5 12PR

truck function of dump truck
Dump Truck: unload the goods itself by hydraulic or mechanical lifting.

The dump truck also known as tipper truck, the loading carriage can unload with automatic tilting. Deli dump trucks greatly save the discharging time and labor, shorten the transportation cycle, improve production efficiency and reduce the transportation cost. It is a kind of special vehicle for commonly used in transportation. Deli dump truck has the high reputation in home and abroad with high quality.

Tipper truck driving tips:

  • Do not lift the handle to "fall" suddenly in the middle of the full load lifting.
  • Do not use fierce start and fierce brake when unloading.
  • Power-take-off mustn’t be at the position of “on”, otherwise it can burn out the oil pump.
  • Power-take-off should be released after unloading the freight.

Tipper truck maintaining skills:

  • New dump truck or the truck under overhauling must undergo carriage lifting, which ensure the security of the next using.
  • Selection of each parts of dump truck must be strictly in accordance with the regulations of manufactures. Oil of the lifting mechanism should be changed regularly.
  • Load capacity must according to the rated loading capacity and overload is strictly prohibited.

DELI dump truck has passed the CQC certification, and won the Certificate for China Compulsory quality test as well as the China Certification Centre for Automotive Products. Deli Truck also got ISO9001:2008 Standard. DELI truck look forward to your coming for visiting our factory at any time.


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