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High quality FAW JIEFANG tractor unit for sale

FAW JIEFANFG tractor unit is a kind of commercial vehicles, used for connecting with various types of semi-trailers to transport different goods. It can attached with tank trailers to transport fuel, gas, oil, water, food and loaded cement , flour, powder, etc. It can also connect with cement trailers, dry bulk trailers, stake bed trailers, flat bed trailers and so on to transport a variety of goods according to their materials. FAW JIEFANG tractor unit can achieve the low oil consumption and be equipped with low vibration structure, it wins good reputation owning to its high quality and security. FAW is the best choice for users.


TOP Features

  • FAW JIEFANG Independent development project won the top award in the "China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award". It’s innovative technologies is up to 300, these technologies have reached leading domestic level, some technologies have reached the international advanced level.
  • Economical and reliable, with low fuel consumption and comfortable cab environment. The design of the cab is very humane, we make great improvement in layout of the adjustable seats, dashboard and large lockers.
  • Adopting advanced technology, the engine can increase the power of 500 PS. Utilizing 10 gears countershaft transmission with all-synchromesh, a gear ratio of 14.34, the engine makes strong power and fast speed.
  • With safe operation system, leading international compression release braking technology, when facing a steep slope, it can achieve deceleration through braking of the engine, which ensures the securities of the vehicles.
  • Pass the repeated tests of cab crash, demonstrat the outstanding reliable performance and ensure the safety of drivers.
  • Accessories all use the product from famous international company. Crankshaft, bearings, piston, cylinder, piston rings, valve all use the products of Mahler, Miba, Mogul, Hassan.


Model CA4250P66K2T1A1E4  
Driving Type 6×4  
  Weights   Gross Vehicle Weight 25000
Curb Weight 8805
Max. fifth wheel payload 16000.16065
Max. towed mass  3835/1970
Overload range of gross vehicle weight(kg)(road condition) 7000/18000
  Overall dimensions(mm)       Wheelbase 3200
Overall length 6910
Cab width 2495
Cab height 3060
Front overhang 1470
Rear overhang 890
Front tract/back tract 2020/1830
Min. ground clearance(front, back) 285/220
  Cab Type Full floating high roof, automatic air conditioning,  
Suspension Air spring suspension
Driver seat Air spring damped seat
    Engine Model CA6DL2-35E4  CA6DL2-37E4U2
Cylinder diameter×distance(mm) 112×145
Compression ratio 17.5:1
Rated power/speed 258/2100     276/2100
Max. twist distance/speed 1500/1300~1500  1550/1300~1500
The lowest fuel consumption(g/kw.h) 195
Economic engine speed(r/min) 1100  1700
fuel Diesel GB/T19147
        Gearbox FAW JIEFANG CA9TB, fully synchronized mechanical. 9 forward. 1 backward mechanical remote single-lever control 15.535, 9.39, 7.372, 4.464, 3.48,  2.701,  2.104,  1.652 , 1.278 , 1.000. One gear backward 15.098,  two gears backward 3.382
  Clutch single plate,  diaphragm spring,  friction diameter φ430mm, hydraulic gas booster formula
 Transmission shaft middle axle shaft Open shaft, one shaft, shaft tube size (diameter×thickness):  φ120mm×6mm
Rear axle shaft Open shaft, one shaft, shaft tube size (diameter×thickness):  φ120mm×6mm
  Suspensions Front 1754×90×22-3
Rear 1350×90×30-4
         Frame Structure Riveted structure
Stringer section size 300×80×8mm 
Front frame width 940mm
Back frame width 800mm
  Axle Type FAW JIEFANG 13-ton single-stage reduction axle, full floating axle, main reduction ratio i0=4.111/3.7
Tire 12R22.5
            Fuel tank 400L

FAE JIEFANG tractor unit can connect with different kinds of semi-trailers and provide pulling force for the semi-trailers.

FAE JIEFANG tractor unit is used for transport equipped with different semi-trailers. It can be divided into six parts, engine, transmission, clutch, drive axle, leaf spring and cab. The engine adopt advanced technology, with low oil consumption and low vibration noise structure, it can achieve long efficient combustion. The transmission can shift flexibly and have reliable performance. The drive axle has the best capacity of bearing, driving and braking .The cab provide a comfortable environment for the drivers. FAW JIEFANG tractor unit has a good reputation in home and abroad with its high quality.

Driving tips:

  • Check the condition of the car before driving.
  • Obey the traffic regulations and rules when driving on the road.
  • Speed down to the range of safe speed when turning around, control the speed when it’s rainy or snowy.
  • Keep constant distance to the front car and be careful about the dynamics of people and vehicles.
  • Comply with the relevant regulations when transport flammable, explosive or other dangerous goods .
In July 26, 2009, FAW JIEFANG passed ISO/TS16949 ISO standard, it achieves the connection with international trucks. ISO/TS16949 ISO standard represents the highest level of international automobile industry quality management system, it has the international recognized authority.
In September, 2014, FAW J6 passed TUV, it got the authorization of 27 projects. And at the same time, TUV SUD granted e8 certificate to JIEFANG.
In September, 2014, JIEFANG Subao and JIEFANG Gongshi has passed through the European standard ECE authentication.  


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