Cement truck

Quality cement truck for sale!

Cement truck, also called concrete mixer, is a kind of special vehicle used for transporting concrete to the construction. The drum keeps agitating during the transportation in case the concrete is solidified. DELI cement trucks are sold to many countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, etc.


TOP Features

  • Hydraulic systems use the top brand, such as ZF, Rexroth, PMP, and other key parts of the cement truck are all original imported products.
  • Steel plate of the mixing drum adopts cold pressing molding technology and uses high strength steel, which make the cement truck durable and prolong the service life.
  • We can provide wide choices of the tank capacity from 3m³ to 16 m³.
  • Steel blades of the mixing drum adopt the technology of three-dimensional mixing, which lowers the residual rate of the concrete in the drum.
  • Equipped with high water velocity coupling, it can realize fast speed of the water flow velocity into the mixing drum.


Specification Sheet for DELI Cement Truck

Model Unit Value
mixing tank Drum volume 21 17.5
Effective mixing volue 12 10
Angle   10.5 12
Concrete residue   <1% <1%
Agitation speed r/min 0-18 0-18
Discharge speed m³/min >2.5 >2.5
water supply how to supply   by air pressure
water tank volume L 450 450

Cement Tuck: transport the concrete fast and safe

Cement truck is used for transporting concrete in a short distance. During the transportation, the concrete is agitated by the steel spiral blades into the drum. In the process of charging and transporting, the spiral blade is agitating in one direction. When discharging, the spiral blade is agitating in the other direction. Deli cement truck use high power hydraulic system and motor to supply stable mixing and transportation performance.

Cement trailer truck driving tips:

  • Before driving the cement truck, make sure the drum is intact with no cracks. Check if the special blade is in poor wearing.
  • Do not touch the drum when the concrete tank is working.
  • When the cement truck is idle in open space, discharge the residual water before loading concrete. After using the cement truck, remember to clean the inside wall of the drum.
  • The continuous mixing time should be no more than 8 hours..
  • Always fill the water tank fully. Keep water tank empty when parking the truck in winter time.
  • Always fill the water tank fully. Keep water tank empty when parking the truck in winter time.
  • Do not make a turn suddenly when driving to in case of an accident.

DELI cement trailer truck has won the Certificate for China Compulsory quality test as well as the China Certification Centre for Automotive Products. Deli Truck is also an ISO9001:2008 Standard approved enterprise. Deli semi trailer product series with tractor units are sold worldwide, such as Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zambia in Africa; Philippines, Suadi Arabia in the Middle East, Korea, Malaysia in Asia, Chile, Brail in South America. DELI truck welcome you to visit our factory at any time.


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