Dry bulk trailer

High quality dry bulk truck for sale!

Deli dry bulk truck is a kind of specialized vehicles used for transporting dry mixed mortar, its development is based on the bulk transport for grain materials. Deli dry bulk truck enjoys high reputation in domestic market and foreign market. For now, the main export countries are Ethiopia, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, etc.


TOP Features

  • 1.High unloading speed, can reach 1.2t/min.
  • 2.Fast running speed with high efficiency and strong power.
  • 3.Low residual rate, less than 0.3%. 
  • 4.Low maintenance cost with low fuel consumption and long service life.
  • 5.Leading design with integrated technology and Mercedes Benz technology .
  • 6. Reliable tanker and power with advanced technology and equipment.


Specification Sheet for Dry Bulk Trailer Truck

model axle loading weight dimension volume(chassis) wheel base  gross weigth kerb weight suspension tire
AYDL5312 4 13300 11990×2500×3980 39m3
1800+4700+1350 30995 17500 1555/2535 12.00-20.12.00R20
AYDL5312 4 14870 11990×2500×3980 42m3
31000 16000         1500/2470

Dry bulk truck: delivering dry mixture mortar powder materials.

Dry bulk trailer trucks mainly transport the dry mixture mortar to dry mortar mobile silo through pneumatic transmission device. It can realize the bulk transport and automatic discharge of dry mixture mortar powder materials. Deli bulk truck use the structure of separate warehouse stingy chamber, with small pressure loss, fast discharging and low residual rate. The discharging device is equipped with patent protection segregation, which can reduce the segregation of mixture effectively. And air compressor is equipped with engine and motor double drive, independent drive, easy to use, with saving energy and protecting environment.

Dry bulk truck driving tips:

  • The pressure relief valve and inlet pipe ball valve must be open before opening the inlet. In order to avoid injury accidents, remember to release the remaining air in the tank before opening the packing box cover.
  • Pay attention to the working condition of the pressure gauge regularly and prevent the malfunction and overpressure of pressure gauge, and tanker leakage as well.
  • Check the safety of valve frequently, and ensure the decompression is on 0.2 Mpa pressure, pressure on the tanker is no more than 0.2 Mpa.
  • Check out if operation table can work properly, so as to avoid excess damage to the air compressor and the power lifter (specifically powder tanker).
  • If there is abnormal sound of power lifter and air compressor, immediately stop to troubleshoot the malfunction.

DELI dry bulk truck has got ISO9001:2008 Standard, and won the Certificate for China Compulsory quality test as well as the China Certification Centre for Automotive Products. Deli dry bulk trailer truck also passed the CQC certification.


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