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Deli refrigerated truck is mostly designed at a specific temperature to carry perishable freight such as fish, shrimp, meat, etc. It can also used in the transportation of medicine, fruit, vegetable and other frozen or fresh goods. Equipped with a mechanical refrigeration system or a cooling agent( such as dry ice ), the reefer trailer can be cooled. To meet different requirements, DELI can provide you with a wide variety of refrigerator trucks.


TOP Features

  • Sealing property: the seal of the container should be ensure strictly to reduce the exchange of heat with outside world. It is very important to keep a specific temperature to the container.
  • Portability: as we all know, the reefer trailer is always used to transport perishable freight which cannot be stored for a long time. Although the reefer trailer has a refrigeration system, the freight still should be sent to the destination in a short time.
  • Refrigerating property: the container should be attached with refrigeration system to ensure the proper temperature.
  • Thermal insulation: the container is made of the special materials with well thermal insulation, therefore it can reduce the exchange of heat.


External (length x width x height): 12,200mmx2,600mmx4,000mm
External (length x width x height): 11,971mmx2,496mmx2,333mm
Coupler Height (unload): 1,370mm
King Pin Setting (kingpin to front end): 1,000mm
Wheel Distance (king pin to first axle): 8,155mm
Axle space: 1,310mm
Rear Floor Height: 1,468mm (depends on fifth wheel height)
Landing Gear location (from the king pin): 2,450mm
Tare Weight (tolerance ±4%): 7,000kg
Maximum Axle Payload (distributed payload): 20,000kg
Maximum King Pin Payload (distributed payload): 10,000kg
Maximum Gross Weight: 30,000kg

refrigerated truck function
Reefer trailer: transport perishable freight, medicine and so on.

Deli reefer truck is mainly designed to transport perishable freight (commonly used for transport fruit, fish and so on) at a specific temperature. Sometimes it is also available to medicine. Totally, with the help of a mechanical refrigeration system or a cooling agent(such as dry ice), the temperature is permanent. At present, DELI refrigerated truck adopts the structure of polyurethane boards adhesives in fiberglass, the employment of this technology greatly improves the insulating performance.

operation instruction of refrigerated truck
You should pay more attention to the following.

• Park the trailer on the firm and flat surface.
• Set parking brakes, turn off the engine and remove the key.
• Chock tires when brakes are released.
• Before raising trailer, please make sure that the trailer is with properly rated and placed stands.
  • 1.Got ISO9001:2008 Standard.
  • 2.Won the Certificate for China Compulsory Quality Test as well as the China Certification Centre for Automotive Products.
  • 3.Passed the CQC certification.
Certificates belongs to DELI.


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