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Crane truck is a kind of hoisting machine used for lifting and lowering materials and moving them horizontally. Equipped with hoist, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, it is applied to lifting heavy things and transporting them to other places. With expanding market and wide use, Deli crane truck win good reputation in domestic and abroad. 


TOP Features

  • The frame is tough outside and the cab is comfortable, ready for a day’s hard work.
  • The design of structure is original, and it can be operated flexibly and steadily.  
  • Be wildly applied for various operations because of the conversion of different working devices.
  • Reduce labor intensity and construction cost, save manpower, ensure the construction quality and accelerate the construction speed. 
  • Powered by motor, which is reliable and obtains good maintainability.
  • The crane truck structure is reasonable, with reliable performance, tough frame and strong bearing capacity.


                                   specification of DELI crane truck
Model Dongfeng LHD 20ton XCMG telescopic boom truck
Chassis model DFE5311JSQF1 Wheel base(m) 1950+4500+1300
Horse Power (hp) 260/270/290 F/R track base(m) 1460/3030
Overall dimensions (mm) 12000×2500×3800  Approach/departure angle 28/10 
GVW (kg) Approx 30985 Exhaust 8300/8424/11120
Rated loading capacity (kg) Approx 16890 Max speed(km/h) 90
Mass in working order (kg) Approx 13965 Body internal dimensions(m) 8400×2300×800
Tire specification 10.00-20,10.00R20,
Engine type  C260 33/YC6L270-33/dCi290-30
Allowable passengers in cab 3 Electric system 24v
Equipment Crane can be selected;
Hydraulic valve is universal in the world on the safe side;
three point floating type to protect crossbeam of the truck;
all hydraulic pressure and 360°turning;
 crane truck

lifting operation refers to the industrial process transporting mechanical equipments or other materials from one place to another place. Most cranes begin the vertical operation, or vertical operation with horizontal working stroke after lifting the materials, arrive at the destination and unload the things. Then going back to the location of the materials and repeating the working process until the work is finished. Hoisting machinery is mainly used for loading packed products, also bulk materials such as coal, ore, grain on the condition of equipping with grab bucket. Crane trucks is mainly operating with machinery, like the cranes at the stations and ports. 

  • Checking the brake, lifting hook, steel wire rope and safety device, if there is some abnormal phenomenon, repairing or replacing a new device. 
  • Operator can close the main power on the condition that there is nobody on the walk way or the orbit.
  • Forbid the crane lifting the things staying for a long time in the air. The operator and the knuckle man cannot leave their working position causally. 
  • When the brake, bearing or electric parts is overheating or abnormal, lift the handle to “zero datum” and shut off the power, then overhaul the device.
  • As for the crane with two lifting hooks, when two hooks are at the same height or be close to each other, ,the hook must work solely so that the hooks can’t collide.   
  • Don’t use two cranes to lift one object, if it is necessary, adopting safety precautions and avoiding overload of each crane, and the whole task must be commanded by specially-assigned person.


DELI crane truck has passed the CQC certification, and got ISO9001:2008 Standard. The crane truck is of high strength, light weight and low oil consumption. It has been awarded as national initiative product in 2014.


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