Hongyan Tractor Unit

Quality tractor unit!

HONGYAN tractor unit introduces the European advanced technology of truck. In respect of its particular and attractive appearance, continuous reliability and high security in consistency with European standard, it leads the truck industry of China to move on a new stage. This product is configured with the exclusive axle, chassis and cab painting, durable frame and it makes the drivers comfortable and joyful, becoming the optimal choice of users.


TOP Features

  • Excellent European surging power, powered by the original Cursor engine, which is tested to be powerful in the European market. The engine features large capacity and great horse power up to 400, available in getting more benefits.
  • It’s ECU offers precise control on fuel injection quantity according to the engine speed and the information of accelerator pedal position sensor so as to lower the fuel consumption.
  • In the front wide and rear narrow structure, this lightweight frame is made of high strength and low carbon alloy steel.
  • The frame integrates 305×80 single-layer beams with variable cross section in optimized assembly design.
  • Introduce the European mature and intelligent CAN bus technology and real-time monitoring workmanship through 6 ECUs. Thus it is easy for drivers to master the running state of the vehicle, keeping driving safety.
  • Thanks to the meticulous humanized space design of Ferrari designer, this tractor unit offers quiet working environment with low noise for drivers.
  • Main parts of the tractor unit are strictly tested in accordance with European standdard.
  • Within warranty period for travelling 24 months or 240,000km, users can feel ease to operate it with maintenance cost saved.
  • It is characterized by optimal quality and outstanding reliability, ensuring the rate of attendance. Tractor specification


Model GENLYON CQ4185HTVG351  
Driving Type 4×2  
Weights     Gross Vehicle Weight 18000
Kerb Weight 6870
Max.fifth wheel payload 11000
Max.towed mass  35000
Overload range of gross vehicle weight(kg)(road condition) <50000@complex road
  Overall dimensions(mm)       Wheelbase 3500
Overall length 5913
Cab width 2500
Cab height(unladen) 3797
Front overhang 1418
Rear overhang 995
King pin diameter 90#
Min.ground clearance 280
  Cab Type High-roof,a/c with double sleeper,auto tilt
Suspension Mechanical suspension
Driver seat Adjustable seat
Engine Model sfh ®cursor 9 f2ce3681e×p made by saic-fiat powertrain Hongyan co.,ltd.
Cylinder in line 6
Capacity 8709ml
Turbocharger Inter-cooling
Max.power(hp/kw)@rpm 390hp/287kw@2100rpm
Max.torque(nm)@rpm 1590nm@1270rpm
Emission regulation (Euro 4)
Cooling fan 2 shifts electro-magnetic
Fuel system Bosch®unit pump injector
Grares              gearbox Fast®12jsd180ta 12forward shifts and 2 reverse shifts with full synchronizers with Eaton fuller technology
Clutch φ430(17”)single plate,diaphragm spiral spring,pull type
Brakes Type 2 independent pneumatic circuits,disc/drum
Parking Mechanical with spring cylinder,rear
Emergency Combined with parking brake
Engine Decompression(exhaust valve brake)
Abs Yes
  Suspensions Front Parabolic leaf
Shock absorbers 2 on front
Rear Semi-elliptic leaf
 Steering zf ®8098 power assisted
  Axles Type Hongyan exclusive high-performance H6a axle
Loading Front 9t
Rear 20t+20t
Hub reduction No
Differential lock Cross and inter axle
Tyre 12.00r20/315/80r22.5
Fuel tank 400L steel with lockable fuel cap
Engine Cursor engine at 350hp,430hp,480hp
Cab 1.flat roof
2.automatic heating rearview mirror
3.air-suspension design
4.pneumatic seat

A tractor unit is an articulated vehicle composed of a towing engine or tractor and a trailer that carries the freight. The tractor and trailer are detachable, that is, the tractor can be used to haul other trailers, or vice versa. According to connection type of tractor and trailer, there are full trailer and semi trailer. A full trailer is a trailer that is supported by front and rear axles and pulled by a drawbar. A semi trailer is a trailer that has no front axle and is supported by a road tractor.

SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN mainly produces three types of tractor unit: Hongyan tractor unit, Hongyan Tampa Euro III tractor unit and Hongyan Genlyon National III tractor unit.

Driving tips:

  • Note the blind area at the road bends for pedestrians, and reduce the usage of emergency brake as far as possible, to maintain the stability of the goods, and ensure driving safety.
  • Avoid high gear low speed and low gear high speed, abandon the bad habits when driving.
  • Obey the laws and regulations such as traffic, fire control, security when driving on the road.
  • Reduce the usage of emergency brake as far as possible, to maintain the stability of the goods, and ensure driving safety.
  • Do not park, eat and rest in the city streets, densely populated areas, in order to avoid the accidents.

Tne mainly primary products of Hongyan are tractor unit. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Hongyan have received the ISO9001:2000 certificate.


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