How Much Do You Know About Refrigerated Truck? Developing Process, Components,Maintenance?

Aug 10, 2015          
Refrigerator truck is a kind of enclosed vehicles used for transporting frozen or fresh goods at a specific temperature, it is equipped with refrigerating installation and insulated vans. It can carry frozen food, dairy product, fruits and vegetables, vaccine medicine and so on. It is usually consist of walking part of the chassis of special vehicles, insulated van, refrigerating unit, temperature recorder and other parts. For the reefer of special requirement, for example the vehicle to transport meat, aluminum alloy guide and ventilating slot need to be installed.

refrigerated truck

Developing process of refrigerated truck

foam mental skin structure
  • First stage 

Applying foam metal skin structure. The first generation of refrigerator car all adopting this technology, because of large amount of metal materials of the van body, cold bridge is easily to form. But the defects of layer of the foam thermal insulation can’t be found easily, thus the inner quality is without warranty. Foam material has the effect of heat preservation and possess the trait of binder, but the bonding is not firm and the insulation effect is not ideal.
foam FPR structure         
  • Second stage

The second and third generation of refrigerated truck is designed with foam FRP structure. It make some improvement on the foundation of the first generation, possessing the advantages of light weight, low hot leakage rate, favorable insulation effect. However the drawback such as insecure cementation is unavoidable.  
polyurethane board
  • Third stage

Manufacturers adopt the structure of polyurethane boards adhesives in fiberglass. Using UPR as binder, rigid polyurethane foams as thermal insulation material, the container has the features of low thermal conductivity and high strength. Boarding bonging use high strength, high sealing cement, which makes the adhesion steady. But the cost of the material is high, in consequence the production cost of refrigerator car is higher especially when the price of chemical raw material rises. The structure of refrigerator cars dominate the market in the world. 

Features of refirigerator van

Good leakproofness

The container must be of good leakproofness to reduce the heat exchange with outside, ensuring permanent temperature of the refrigerated van. The cooling equipment can connect with the container to provide steady stream of cold air, guarantee allowable scope of temperature for containing goods.


The temperature is permanent during the whole transportation and easy to control and adjust. Which can fully guarantee the quality of transporting goods.

Heat insulation

Be made from good insulation material, decreasing heat exchange. Nonetheless owning the characteristics of the goods, transportation should be as soon as possible to the destination.    

Main equipment of refrigerator truck

refrigerating unit

Refrigerating unit

Refrigerating unit, main equipment providing steady cold stream for the refrigerator container. It is usually installed at the top in front of the container. The shape is familiar to an air conditioner, but it have stronger refrigerating effect than the same size air conditioner. Refrigerating unit is generally classified into two kinds, self-contained unit and abhaengig contained unit. The difference lies in that self-contained unit is totally powered by other unit, and abhaengig contained unit depends on the engine of the vehicle to complete the refrigeration work.    
van body

Heat preservation box body

Refrigerating unit is used for adjusting the temperature, while the function of the box body is to keep the temperature. If we say refrigerated unit is the energy provider, the box is the energy storage. Among the three big parts of the refrigerated truck, refrigerating unit and heat preservation box body is very important, then can be a small refrigerator storage. The van is usually have the features of thermal insulation properties, light weight and durability. 

Precooling and keeping the temperature

Refrigerating unit is used for keeping the temperature of the freight, not for lowering the temperature. Therefore before loading the freight, check out whether the temperature meet the requirement temperature. Many users have a false notion, they think that refrigerating unit can decrease or increase the temperature of the freight to the required temperature causally. Loading the goods whose temperature can’t reach the required temperature into the reefer, and the adjust the temperature. Otherwise the effect is on the contrary, it may make the food  or freight perishable. Because the function of refrigeration unit is to keep the temperature of the goods.
Before loading, it is necessary to measure the temperature of the goods. If the temperature assigned by the refrigerator unit is higher or lower the temperature of the freight, it is difficult to reach the required temperature for the goods. In consequence storage temperature must be in accordance with and the cargo temperature, ensuring the quality of freight.

Maintenance of heat preservation box body of reefer

Speaking of refrigerated truck, maintaining constant stable temperature is extremely important on condition that refrigerating unit providing stable cooling stream. As is mentioned above, FRP deck is a good choice for the box body because of its unique superiority. 
Generally, maintenance of heat preservation box body reflects in the following aspects:  
1. Check out the external surface, internal surface, edges and corners, the floor inside, interior light, outlet of the van body before or after using the truck.  
2. Don't make the surface scratch, which can reduce the bearing capability of the FRP, and make the van body out of shape, influencing on  performance of heat preservation of the van body.  
3. As for the maintenance of the internal surface , the adjustment of temperature is vital. If air moisture is high, try to pack refrigeration products as much as possible, especially for aquatic product. Sealed packaging can minimize the moisture evaporate, reduce the possibility of inside refrigerator freezing. If the surface is with a layer of ice inside the refrigerator car, using ice scoop to exterminate the  ice after the transportation. Thick ice influence the storing space of the van body, add weight of the vehicle, increase the consumption of fuel oil.         
4. Finally, about the maintenance of internal electrical equipment, because the electrical equipment is in the environment of high humidity and low temperature, so pay more attention to the short circuit caused by the bare wire. Precaution about unnecessary damage brings to the lighting equipment by alternate cold and hot. 


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