Water Truck

Water tank truck for sale!

Water truck is used for the road flushing, tree and lawn greening, high building cleaning, construction of road and factories. It has the functions of flushing, watering, transporting water and fire fighting. Water truck can be classified as diesel water truck, gasoline water truck, electric water truck, and water tank truck according to the drive mode. 


TOP Features

  • The water truck is equipped with front sprinklers, rear sprinklers and side sprinklers. So it can spray water in every direction.
  • The water cannon is installed in the rear working platform. When it shoots straight stream, the effective range can reach above 28m. When it shoots mist flow, its effective range is above 15m.
  • The direction and angle of the sprinkler can be changed by adjusting the thread of the nozzle.
  • It has functions of water carrying and water draining, and also can be used as fire pumper.
  • Water pump adopts self-priming pump impeller of special water truck, which improves the efficiency.


                        DELI Water Truck Specification
Model AYDL- Shacman 4x2 watering tanker truck
Chassis Type SX5165GSSDN461
Cab With air conditioner, safety belt. LHDorRHD
Engine Type WP10.290E32
Max.Driving Speed
Emission Standard Euro III
Gearbox 9JS119(FULLER)
Horsepower 290hp 
Clutch 430 Diaphragm type
Dimensions(mm) Whole Truck 8585x2490x3210
capacity 10cbm
Wheelbase 4600
(mm)  (front/rear)
Track width (mm)
2036 / 1800
Tire Remark
Fuel type Diesel
Remark We offer personalized customization according to your requirements.
water tank truck
water tank truck

Water tank truck: flushing road, reducing dust, greening plant and preventing fire.

The water truck is widely used to flush road, green tree, green belt and lawn. It can also be used for spraying agricultural chemicals and controlling dust. Water truck is equipped with spray nozzles to spray and pump water. It can flush the road to keep the pavement clean and reduce the dust in the city. Water tank truck can also be used in the factory and coal field to reduce dust by spraying water. Water truck plays an important role in fire prevention, and it can put out large fires in short time. DELI can offer different capacities of water truck according to different uses. 

  • Users should strictly comply with the operation instruction, and pay attention to maintain the chassis and pump.
  • Anti-skid device is required for long-distance driving. Drivers should keep 200mm space with other vehicles.
  • The exit holes should be regularly checked to ensure no clogging.
  • The water should be completely drained off from pipes if water tanker will be not used for a long time.
  • All lubricating points of transmission assembly should be lubricated and tightened, ensuring the normal usage.
  • Inlet pipe system must maintain a certain vacuum degree to pump water. And the inlet pipe system must be sealed and reliable, if the hosepipe is damaged and there is some crack on the rigid tube, the water can’t be pumped.  


DELI water truck has got ISO9001:2008 Standard, passed the CQC certification and won and won the Certificate for China Compulsory quality test as well as the China Certification Centre for Automotive Products. Choose DELI, choose high truck.


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