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DONG FENG tractor unit mainly used for connecting with various semi-trailers to transport all kinds of goods. It can transport coal, sand, figure plate goods , oil, water, food, buses and special vehicles attached with different semi-trailers such as tank trailer, dry bulk trailer, stake bed trailer and so on. Accessories such as engine, clutch, transmission all adopt the advanced technologies, and combine with the characteristics of various types of tractor models , bring the most benefits to the users with its strong use.


TOP Features

  • 1. DONGFENG has established the technical service station in the late 1970s, using the profession and the technology to win the trust of the users.
  • 2. The engine employs high-pressure common rail system, reaching the four standards of emissions and the maximum output power of 130 hp. The maximum speed of 95km / h, fully meets the requirements for efficient delivery.
  • 3. The chassis is equipped with the durable front axle which can bear the weight of 2 ton, and the rear axle of 4 ton. The axles are equipped with anti-roll bars, ensuring the trucks run steadily.
  • 4. The cab interior follows the classic style of Huancavelica, and the layout is in line with the driver's operating practices. The design of the speedometer occupying a large place makes the driver to have a clear vision.
  • 5. DONGFENG Commercial Vehicle Technical Center is the most powerful research and development institution, before putting into the market, each truck is required to undergo tests such as crash test and noise analysis test.
  • 6. It is configured with high quality and reliability, ensuring the security of the drivers.


      BALONG M7
Type LZ4251QDCA
Model 4M7CL38D33FOA 4M7CL40D33F1A 4M7YM40D33F0A
Wheelbase 3300+1350 3300+1350 3300+1350
Cab M7 M7 M7
Engine ISL9.5-385E40A
Transmission 12JSD160TA
Clutch φ430
(exported, pulling type
(exported, pulling type)
(exported, pulling type)
Rear axle/Ratio 2*457/4.11 2*457/4.11 2*457/4.11
Oil tank 600L 600L 600L
Tire 12R22.5 12R22.5 12R22.5
  • Tractor unit: tractor unit is used for provide puling for semi-trailers. It can convey varieties of goods according to different materials and use.
  • Efficiency: DONGFENG tractor unit is very efficient owning to its fast speed and high power, the maximum output power can reach 130 hp.
  • Security: Its durable axle can ensure the safety of the drivers and the reasonable design structure make the tractor secure.
  • Flexibility: The engine can be operated flexibly, the transmission can be shifted flexibly and have reliable performance.

Driving tips:

  • After starting the engine, preheat the vehicle in appropriate light load or no-load operation for some time.
  • Drive the vehicle correctly, avoid the emergency brake, use the engine emission brake reasonably.
  • Before flipping the cab, be sure to check if there are easily dumped objects, and clean up them.
  • Avoid driving rapidly when turning, use the transmission gear appropriately.
  • Don’t speed up the engine fast when the temperature of the engine is low, which may accelerate the abrasion of the accessories.
In December, 2012, DONGFENG got CQC certification. And DONGFENG A60 got five-star safety recognition in C-NCAP.
In 2013, DONGFENG passed 4 PS five-star international standards certification, which represents that DONGFENG has got connection with international standards.
In 2025, JIEFANG has passed the approval of MIIT, 3C quality certification, and national environmental standards in 193's announcement of vehicle manufacturing enterprises and products.


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