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Trailer axle series

Axle is one of the three core powers of semi-trailer, it has the function of braking, bearing the weight and driving the vehicle, etc.
Deli trailer axle series mainly have 13T trailer axle series and 16T trailer axle series.

Axle for semi trailer truck
13T trailer axle series:

1. The brake shoe adopts half metal graphite composite material, owning the features of high static friction coefficient and good heat conducting property. Abrasion resistance of the brake pads is 25% higher than asbestos brake.

2. This series is forged by North American camshaft, optimized through heat treatment after precision machining. Slack adjuster of the brake is designed as 3 holes manual type (Available for automatic type). All brake parts can be interchangeable with North America switch brake.

3. Precision machining of imported CNC machining center ensures the assembly of axle and the accuracy of operation.

16T trailer axle series:

1. The square shaft tube is made of high quality alloy and the axle shaft neck is machined through the whole process of modeling induction heat treatment. The axle is perfectly welded by special-purpose welding robots, making the axle bear heavier load safely.

2. Using the world's top Mobil special lubricating grease, and the main components of the axle can interchange with other 150mm (6#) square axle.

3. Nodular cast iron and grey cast iron brake drum is designed in conformity with international standard, owning the features of large load-bearing and not easy to deformation.


1. Different models and specifications of our axle can be offered according to the requirements of the customers.

2. Be designed according to the international standard, it can be installed with ABS anti-lock braking system, provide duplicate protection and apply to each axle.


Fifth wheel coupling

The fifth wheel coupling is under the load of the front-end of semi-trailer, connected with king pin by the locking mechanism. Passing the traction and braking force, it can automatically link the tractor unit with the semi-trailer.
This product can be made of different kinds of materials, such as steel, copper, plastic, carbon steel, bronze, iron and so on.

fifth wheel coupling
Product specifications
Imposed load(T) 40T 60T
D-value(KN) 240 260
Weight(kg) 280 290
Height(mm) 290 290
Portrait Tilt Angle 15° 15°
Later Tilt Angle
Color Black Black
King Pin Size 50mm(2 inches) 90mm(3.5 inches)
Mainly used in:

Flatbed semi trailer, Low-bed semi trailer, Skeleton semi trailer, Container semi trailer, Stake semi trailer, Fuel tank semi trailer, Tipper trailer, Full trailer, Gooseneck semi trailer, LPG semi trailer, LNG semi trailer, Water tank trailer, Utility trailer and so on.


1. Traction locking mechanism of the operating handles should be set at the right side of the fifth wheel coupling, and the operating force should be less than 250 N. Locking mechanism should be set in the reliable safety device.

2. The matched length of connecting part of the fifth wheel and the wheel mounting plate must be less than 50mm. And it’s necessary to weld the stop boards in the fore and aft direction of the fifth wheel.


Trailer landing gear

Trailer landing gear can be classified into inside landing gear and outside landing gear.
Landing gear is also known as the stabilizers, located in the front-rear frame of the semi-trailer, it is needed when the semi-trailer is breaking away from the tractor.
Landing Gear is one of the important equipments of semi-trailer. It is adopted when lift and load semi-trailers and used as lifter when maintain vehicles.
Adopting spiral lifting mechanism, the outside landing gear has double gears of high and low speed and uses sliding shift mechanism. And there locates mechanism of steel ball of high and low speed. High gear is used for idling lifting, more time-saving and faster. Low gear is used for load lifting, flexible, convenient and energy saving. The support device is applied to bearing and lifting semi trailers when setting out. It is in conformity with ZBT73001-87 standard.

outside landing gear and inside landing gear
Specification of inside  trailer landing gear Specification of outside trailer landing gear
inside landing gear specification outside landing  gear specification
Product features:

1. Using low temperature chassis lube, the gear box works well from -30°C to 120°C;

2. Works flexibly with grease lubricant on the jack screw;

3. Double speed designed for better efficiency;

4. Wider backing mounting plate for greater load bearing capacity and longer service life;

5. Multi-type shoes available for different usage;

6. Reliable, high quality seal keeps water out and extends the useful life;

Product functions:

1. The device is used for semi-trailer and special trailers.

2. It can lift and support the trailer when separated from the tractor.

3. Used for all sorts of trucks securely working as hydraulic jacks.

4. The quality is up to the standard of American ABS specification.

5. Please adjust to slow speed when loading, high speed is forbidden, otherwise it may injure the landing gear.

Attention(outside landing gear):

1. Only use low speed gear when the base ground raise the vehicle, high speed gear are not allowed to be used.

2. Confirm the gear meshing completely when the handle is hung on the hook. Avoid the condition that the gear is in the neutral position when the handle hung within the hook.


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