Auman Tractor Unit

Quality tractor unit!

AUMAN tractor unit adopts European design standard and it has been committed to the integration of the world’s highest standards. Leading the development of the industry, it aims to create greater value benefits for users. After 2012 the brand joined the German Daimler Group, AUMAN not only continues the “internationalization, technology, humane, safe and trustworthy” brand image, but also made great progress in the field of research, development of products and innovation of technology.


TOP Features

  • Equipped with Cummins ISM series 11-Liter, 308-440 horsepower engines, it can achieve lower RPM on the condition of high torque.
  • Under high-pressure, the diesel fuel in the single-cylinder is precisely sprayed due to its high-performance atomizer.
  • It is powered by Cummins (270-440 horsepower) TX engine and Weichai engines (270-460 horsepower) being built for different applications. The engines have quick acceleration and great climbing performance.
  • Body is aerodynamically designed with a low coefficient of drag and has passed wind tunnel tests, resulting in lower fuel consumption.
  • The cabin has a 4-Corner air suspension and a crumple zone of 200 mm to absorb the impact of a collision, offering the driver and passenger maximum safety during a collision.
  • Side mirrors are equipped with convex lenses which are visible to blind spots and mirrors are in conformability with European standards.


AUMAN tractor unit has two kinds of models, AUMAN CTX and GTL, be produced by Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. and meet international standards. AUMAN tractor units are recommended for long-distance logistics and transportation. The tractor units have simplified-yet-modern exterior and advanced safety system, fuel efficient and comfortable. AUMAN tractors are among Foton's most immensely popular, best-selling line of heavy-duty trucks.

Driving tips:

  • When driving, avoid high gear low speed and low gear high speed, abandon the bad habits.
  • Pay attention to the blind area at the road bends for pedestrians, check the tires before starting.
  • Slow down the speed when reversing, because the direction is reverse.
  • Don't move the steering wheel cause the body is longer. Big move is easy to hurt pedestrians.
  • When driving on the road, obey the traffic laws and regulations, such as fire control and security.

AUMAN always take the market as the guidance, with European standard as design criteria, successfully realized the four upgrading of the product. AUMAN continues to research and develop new products and its manufacturing, quality control and comprehensive service are in line with world standards.


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