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Garbage truck is a kind of waste collection vehicle, it is specially designed to collect a small quantity of waste and haul it to landfills and other recycling or treatment facilities. Garbage truck can also be called rubbish truck, dustcart and so on. These trucks can also be seen in urban cities.


TOP Features

  • The product has such features as large loading and delivering capacity, efficient compression with large compressing force, and good sealed transport, etc.
  • Two sets of operating systems such as remote-control and manual method are manually operated, which ensures the working safety greatly.
  • It can prevent rubbish and stinks from spreading and avoid the second-time pollution produced by polluted water leakage on urban and road areas.
  • Optimized hydraulic system adopts whole-imported hydraulic parts, owning such advantages as speedy response, short working cycle time, efficient performance, simple operation, and reliable use.
  • Truck tail-gas discharge reaches EUROPEAN standard, which is safe and environment-protective.


DELI Garbage Truck Specification
Model AYDL- Dongfeng 4x2 Garbage compactor truck
Chassis Type EQ1101GLJ
Cab With air conditioner, safety belt. LHDorRHD
Engine Type EQB160-20
Max.Driving Speed 
Emission Standard Euro II
Transmission 6-speed with over drive
Electric system 24v 
Operation control system Electrically hydraulic control
Dimensions(mm) Whole Truck 7680x2480x3050
F/R Overhang 1900/1800
Wheelbase 3950
Fact cubage 10000-11000 L
Equipment Equipped with hermetic dustbin, hydraulic system and operating system. Automatic compress and uninstall, sewage can be collected by the dump tank. Pressure is large, and leakproofness is good, operation is convenient and security is dependable.
Tire 9.00-20,9.00R20  6 units
Fuel Type Diesel
Remark We offer personalized customization according to your requirements.
garbage truck

Garbage truck can apply to daily rubbish transport in living areas such as cities, large station, port and wharf, airport, and densely-populated areas like industrial and mineral enterprises and military units. DELI garbage truck can reduce back-and-forth transport times and save fuel-consumption, the transportation is totally hermetical transport. Whole outline of truck bucket adopts circular arc and is well-formed and looks beautiful.

  • Please strictly drive according to the driving operation.
  • Operator should pay attention to the standing position in the manipulation of the waste container lifting, remember to avoid hurt from contacting with the hanging barrels.
  • Check the status of the hydraulic oil regularly, and replace the oil immediately if it turns to be turbidly black.
  • The compartments body lifting and returning control should be complete when the oil pump is running.
  • The maximum load capacity of trash should be no more than 200 kg.
  • Be careful when overhauling the discharge mechanism  

garbage truck operation instruction

DELI garbage has awarded the certificates of 3C and ISO9001:2008. The quality, performance, and technology have got good reputation in the market. The vehicles that DELI produce belong to the national initiative product.


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