Fifth wheel coupling

Fifth wheel coupling

The fifth wheel coupling is under the load of the front-end of semi-trailer, connected with king pin by the locking mechanism. Passing the traction and braking force, it can automatically link the tractor unit with the semi-trailer.
This product can be made of different kinds of materials, such as steel, copper, plastic, carbon steel, bronze, iron and so on.

fifth wheel coupling
Product specifications
Imposed load(T) 40T 60T
D-value(KN) 240 260
Weight(kg) 280 290
Height(mm) 290 290
Portrait Tilt Angle 15° 15°
Later Tilt Angle
Color Black Black
King Pin Size 50mm(2 inches) 90mm(3.5 inches)
Mainly used in:

Flatbed semi trailer, Low-bed semi trailer, Skeleton semi trailer, Container semi trailer, Stake semi trailer, Fuel tank semi trailer, Tipper trailer, Full trailer, Gooseneck semi trailer, LPG semi trailer, LNG semi trailer, Water tank trailer, Utility trailer and so on.


1. Traction locking mechanism of the operating handles should be set at the right side of the fifth wheel coupling, and the operating force should be less than 250 N. Locking mechanism should be set in the reliable safety device.

2. The matched length of connecting part of the fifth wheel and the wheel mounting plate must be less than 50mm. And it’s necessary to weld the stop boards in the fore and-aft direction of the fifth wheel.


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