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Deli tank trailer truck is mainly used for the transportation of liquid, bulk materials and bulk cement. Deli trailer truck is divided into oil tankers, liquid fuel tankers, cement trucks and water trucks, etc. For now, we mainly export our trucks to the developing countries, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, etc. Deli truck looks forward to your contact!


TOP Features

  • Use advanced technology from home and abroad, and adopt a variety of special chassis with advanced technology and reliable performance.
  • Blade of the mixing drum uses three-dimensional mixing principle, which eliminates the segregation of concrete and the residual rate inside the drum is under 0.4%.
  • The whole transporting is safe with high handling and transportation efficiency, in addition, the quality of the concrete is secured.
  • The concrete drum adopts special high strength resistant steel, which lowers maintenance cost and prolongs the service life.
  • Centre of gravity of the mixing truck is low, ensuring the safety of driveability.
  • Reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions and reduce transportation costs.


fuel tank truck
                               specification of tank truck
Model AYDL1140 Dimension(mm)  8900x2450x3150
Chassis DFL1140B Kerb weight (kg) 7005
Suspension (mm) 1430/2560, 1430/1860 Gross Weight (kg) 14000
Emission standard EURO 3 Wheel base 5000, 4700
Axle 2 tire 6
Front wheel track(mm) 1880/1800, 1860 Tire specification 9.00-20, 9.00R20,
10.00-20, 10.00R20
Rear wheel track(mm) 1800, 1860 fuel diesel
Number of leaf spring 7/9+6, 8/10+8 Allowable passengers in cab 3
Axle loading 5050/8950 Tank capacity 10.2

Tank trailer truck: transport fuel, gas, oil, water, food and loaded cement , flour, powder and so on.

Deli tank trailer truck mainly used for large-scale liquid or fuel transport, the tonnage is generally about 40 to 60 cubic meters. Tank trailer truck usually has: two axle trailer and semi-trailer. Deli tank trailer is divided into two parts, tank body and the support bracket, sometimes called skeleton. The production of rectangular tank materials use Q235A steel, improve the impact strength of the tank. And Deli tank trailer truck can be modified according to the needs of customers. It is design to be suitable for the transportation of oil, petrol, propane, crude oil, LPG.

Tank trailer truck driving tips:

  • When throttle up the engine, do not tread fiercely, just do rightly.
  • Do not start the engine fiercely or brake violently.
  • When driving on the road, obey the laws and regulations such as traffic, fire control and security.
  • Do not make a turn suddenly during the process of driving, which may cause an accident. Ensure that the operation table can work normally, over load can damage the air compressor and power lifter. .
  • Don’t use metal objects strike the parts of the tank truck, in case the occurrence of sparkle, which is dangerous.

DELI tank trailer truck has got ISO9001:2008 Standard, and won the Certificate for China Compulsory quality test as well as the China Certification Centre for Automotive Products. Deli tank trailer truck also passed the CQC certification. Deli truck is always working hard on providing high quality products at reasonable price.


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