Why Does Water Truck Still Work on Rainy Days?

Water trucks are mainly used for road flushing, dusting failing, air cleaning, tree and lawn greening. They are commonly used in our life, and keeping the road clean and the air fresh in the sky. With the decreasing of air quality, water trucks are more and more popular especially in big cities.
water truck

Wide Use of Water Truck

  • Road flushing in the district, square, park, scenic area and small town. Water truck can be used for melting ice and snow on the road in winter. 
  • Epidemic prevention and disinfection for the training ground, camping dormitory and disaster areas. 
  • The cleaning of station, hospital, hotel, swimming pool, hazardous wastes processing field, grain depot and zoo. 
  • Pest control and prevention of garden, green belts, lawn, nursery garden, the scaffolding crops, fruit trees and flowers. 
  • Dust falling at construction site and construction site. 
  • lowering the temperature of road surface and bring coolness to the pedestrians.
water truck flushing the mud on road
water truck watering the tree and green belt

Is It Necessary for Water Truck Working on Rainy Days?

People always see water truck flushing road on raining days. They are puzzled why water trucks still work on rainy days or after raining. The road is already wet, the air is fresh, isn’t it a waste for the water truck to work? Actually it is necessary for the water truck to flush the road after raining and reasons lies in the following:
water truck cleaning the road
water truck failing dust

Secure the Safety of Pedestrian and Vehicle

Dirt, obstinate stains and mud on both sides of the road turn into sludge after the rain flushing, so the pedestrians may slip and the vehicle may skid on the road. The forced washing of water truck can flush the mud and sludge away. Therefore it can ensure the traffic safety and reduce the incident of traffic accident. 

Easy Cleaning After Raining

The leaves, confetti and plastic bags are almost adhering to the surface of road after the rain washing. It is difficult for the cleaners to sweep. Water truck flushing can wash the waste away, which saves much time and energy for the cleaners. The use of water truck also improves the efficiency and quality of sanitation work. 

Water tank truck plays an important role in our life. It can make our road clean, green the garden belt and fresh our air. Water trucks are usually used in the road maintenance and environment beauty.


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