Concrete truck - How Much Capacity Do You Need?

concrete truck

Main introduction

With the production of concrete and fast development of construction technique, concrete truck is widely used in construction industry and brings convenience to the transportation of concrete. Cement trucks is used for transporting and mixing concrete up to the building site. The mixing drum of concrete truck is usually inclined bucket type structure. Spiral blade of special shape is welded inside the mixing drum and rotation of the blade can help the concrete in and out of the mixing drum. When the blade rotates in one direction, the concrete is pushed into the drum. And the rotating is always in this direction during the process of transportation. In the other rotational direction, the concrete is pushed out of the mixing drum.

Different capacity of concrete truck

We often see different sizes of concrete truck, of which the capacity from 3m3 to 16m3. Different capacities can be chosen according to the requirement of customers. DELI company can produce concrete trucks of different capacities, including 3m3, 4 m3, 5 m3, 6 m3, 8 m3, 10 m3, 12 m3, 14 m3. If you have other requirements, we can also customize the trucks depending on your needs. DELI will make its best effort to provide best cement truck for sale.

                                      Different Capacities of Concrete Truck
Product name Capacity (m3) Dimension(mm) NO. of axle NO. of tire water tank (L)

3 6825x2480x3450 2 6 400
4 6675x2270x3650 2 6 400
5 7125x2300x3600 2 6 400
6 7050x2380x3380 2 6 450
8 8700x2500x3760 3 10 450
10 9800x2500x3900 3 11 450
12 9645x2495x3900 3 11 450
14 10350x2495x3998 3 11 450

Top features of DELI concrete truck

  1. Key components and parts are original imported products, and hydraulic systems all adopt global brands such as ZF, Rexroth, PMP, ensuring the stability and reliability of working condition.
  2. Steel plate of the mixing drum uses special high strength resistant steel. Adopting cold pressing molding technology, the blade is added margin wearing strip, which extends its service life manyfold. 
  3. Blade of the mixing drum uses three-dimensional mixing principle, eliminating the segregation phenomenon of concrete. Concrete residual rate inside the drum is under 0.4%. 
  4. The drum is installed with special coupling for high water velocity. Feed hopper can realize rapid speed in and out of the drum with optimal design.


DELI concrete mixing truck mainly consists of the chassis and the mixing drum. Tanks and blades are made of special high strength steel. The tank is welded by automatic welding machine by adopting the technology of girth and longitudinal seam welding. The tank is modeled through the pressing of 14 sets of special molds, with fast charging and discharging speed and low residual rate. Small Tilt angle of the mixing drum makes the center of gravity lower and improves the running stability of the vehicle. DELI cement trucks win good reputation of the customers in domestic and abroad.


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